Alternate Materials
June 15, 2021

Solid Dry Film Lubricant

Challenge: The design engineer included the requirement for “Solid Dry Film Lubricant”  to be applied to the threads.  Solid Dry Film application is sprayed on the part, consequently overspray will occur.  Since the engineer was silent on allowing overspray, this requires the part to be masked or taped off and then the masking must be removed after the Solid Dry Film dries.  Masking and removing the masking is labor intensive and costly.

Solution: Due to the fact that the Solid Dry Film was to be applied to the threads to prevent seizure and that there was a thread relief it was suggested to modify the dry film note to allow minimal overspray.

Result: The design engineer agreed to the recommendation.  As a result the special processing price was reduced 50% due to the labor savings.  Additionally, lead-time was reduced 1-2 days, improving on-time delivery.