AS9100D & IS0 9001:2015 Certified

“Scott Machine’s, high quality is a direct result of well engineered systematic shop process.”

These processes are also verified through rigorous quality assurance audits and quality lab tests. Quality is designed into the product & system. Scott Machine has a state of the art Quality lab. We have put in the effort to become AS9100, ISO 9001 and ASQ certified, and we continue to put in the effort to maintain that high quality in our daily business. Our origins as an Aerospace machine shop have given us over 75 years of experience in precision machining.

Highly Skilled Machinists

At Scott, we invest in our employees. For example, our machinists receive in-house training as well as company-funded schooling to ensure that they can meet our standards for quality, aesthetics, speed and creativity in multi-axis machining. After training, our machinists are responsible for the operation of an entire cell.

Storing, Packing & Shipping

Since we produce precision parts, we take great care to ensure their protection throughout production & shipping. We store each part in its own space – not touching anything that could scratch the finish or otherwise damage the part. We also have systems capable of labeling and kitting to meet customer-specific packing and shipping requirements. In the aerospace industry, this is very specific down to the bag size, labels, bar codes and graphics. You can trust us to take good care of your products throughout the entire process of production and delivery. We continually work to reduce lead-time and cost with 3 shifts, a managed tool crib, Lean, cellular manufacturing, and dedicated customer service representatives.

Quality Lab Equipment

Our in-house quality lab houses the following equipment to ensure your parts meet the precision requirements you need:

  • CMM
  • 4 Optical Comparators
  • Hardness Tester
  • Profilometer
  • 5 Gage blocks (sets)
  • 6 Surface Plates
  • Indicators
  • Digital Height Gages
  • Digital Mics
  • Thread Rings with Set Plugs
  • Segment & Tri-Rolls
  • Snap Gaging with Indicators
  • Sunnen Bore Gaging
  • Microkators
  • Ermeto Gages
  • G1119’s (Finger Gages)
  • Lap Master Gaging
  • Ring Gages & Ball Gages
  • Cylinder Plugs
  • Rubber Mold Products
  • Microscope/Camera
  • Laser Micrometer
  • V-Blocks