Automotive Machining

Scott Machine specializes in low volumes of high precision parts. High volume automotive machine shops are common, but often lack the high quality necessary for special automotive projects. We can provide the extra quality necessary for these special projects.​

Medical Parts Machining

We are a qualified medical supplier providing high quality precision parts used in orthopedics and other intricate medical equipment. Our experience providing extreme precision for the aerospace industry has prepared us well for our work in the medical industry. The extra quality means a longer lasting, more reliable part in an industry where proper function is often a matter of life and death.​

Aerospace Machining

Our expertise in the Aerospace industry began in 1946 when we became the first external supplier for Aeroquip. We have become a valuable resource for our customers. In fact, many OEM engineers come to us for advice on new product development - especially for fluid connectors or hydraulic systems. We have projects for Boeing, Airbus, Lockhead Martin, Gulfstream and Embraer to name just a few examples. Contact us for more information on how we can help make your next project a success.

Industrial & Robotics

For the Industrial market, we provide precision/specialty hardware for projects where the volume is just high enough that you need an outside provider rather than doing it yourself. Often, this means providing parts for the robotics industry (especially material handling robots) where high quality means extra production and happier end users.​

Defense Machining

Scott Machine is proud to serve the military and defense industry providing high precision parts and the quality necessary in a high demand industry. In addition to low volume part production, we also offer our expertise in prototyping and product development. Our projects include parts in the F-22, F-35 JSF (Joint Strike Fighter – all 3 variants) and military aircraft as well as commercial aircraft.​

From Aerospace, to Orthopedic CNC and Defense machining

Scott Machine, Inc. is a leading provider of aerospace, defense, industrial, medical and robotics machining. Since we started in 1946, we have been gradually expanding our knowledge and experience in these industries as well as constantly updating our equipment and methods to maintain our reputation for quality. Our specialty is providing precision parts for industries where that extra care is essential. For example, specialty hardware for the industrial sector or fluid conveyance systems for the aerospace industry, are common projects for us.​