Alternate Materials
June 15, 2021
Packaging and Kitting
June 15, 2021

Engraving vs. Ink Stamping

Challenge: A purchase order was issued for two separate part numbers that required rubber ink stamping of the part number onto the parts.  Each part must contain the ink stamped number.

Solution: There are various aerospace marking methods and each method is identified on the part print.  Rubber ink stamping tends to be an older, widely accepted method; however, it has challenges in that rubber ink stamping is labor intensive; messy such that smearing is common and affects legibility and quality; and it tends to wear or erode over time.

Result: A recommendation was made to change the blue print to allow for Engraving, as opposed to rubber ink stamp.  The recommendation would improve legibility of the part marking; improve thru-put in manufacturing; improve lead-time and reduce cost.